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Write a Book About It - DVD - Limited Edition

Image of Write a Book About It - DVD  - Limited Edition


Tipsy Canoe (Actually Huizenga) was once an innocent child of the 90's. But after a gory initiation by immortal gang leader, Bop (Ryan Linkof), she has developed not only a twisted bloodlust, but a desperate addiction to fame and youth. She needs to be loved in order to live. And now, in the year 2205, after marauding the streets with her gang of Warlords for over two hundred years, Tipsy must find new ways to be adored. Her life is a dizzying tale of excess and depravity. If she can persuade top Hollywoodite, Risha (Elisha Drons), to write a book about it, will her sick desires be fulfilled?

(Written and directed by Actually Huizenga of Wet Look and Hard Place)